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Product reviews

Here you can find all the product reviews made by Pitkänmatkan Kävelijä. If you're interested in co-operation please send email to

Review: Helinox Chair One – A wonderful camping chair

On Saturday morning I closed the front door at 6:40 a.m. and steered my steps towards Kuusamontie (main road 20). After the lousy months of June and July, it seemed that summer had finally arrived in August. The sun was shining and the sky was almost clear. Hardly anyone was out this early in the day. In my backpack I had a brand new Helinox Chair One camping chair... read more.

Barefoot Shoes Review: Feelmax "Panka"

Within the last year, I had many times come across barefoot walking and barefoot shoes. One of the reasons for paying more attention on barefoot walking was the faint feeling of plantar fasciosis on my left sole. Typically, plantar fasciosis is related to poor footwear, obesity, excessive training, continuous standing on hard surfaces, and tightness of the rear leg, especially on calf muscle and achilles tendon but also rear thigh muscles... read more.

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